Harrow Sling Library exists to offer hire of slings and carriers, as well as advice and support, for those looking to carry their baby or toddler. This may be for convenience, for closeness, or both! 

We are a voluntarily run, not for profit enterprise – all profits from the rentals go back into hall hire, insurance, and the upkeep and replacement of slings.

As a group we do not adhere to any particular style of parenting; we are a friendly, non-judgemental group, who love to meet and support parents from all backgrounds, walks of life, and parenting styles.




Sling hire

Our slings and carriers can all be hired at the rate of £10 for one month (28 days), with the option to exchange within that month. We offer a special rate on stretchy wrap hire of £20 for 3 months; however please note that if you decide to swap for a buckle carrier within that time, the special rate will no longer apply, and the cost will revert back to £10 per month.

We take payment by credit/debit card via our online system, then store your card details (in encrypted form), as cover for potential loss or damage. In this situation your card would be charged the full cost of replacing the sling.

Information on all our slings, including Recommended Retail Price and links to helpful, Library approved YouTube videos can be found under Our Slings. We do not sell slings here at the library; so if there is something you are interested in purchasing, please ask one of our organisers who will be able to advise you where you can look to buy.


Peer Supporters

Harrow Sling Library is made up of a community of mums passionate about slings, and the many benefits sling use can have to parents and babies/toddlers alike. We are here totally voluntarily, to help you try on library slings, or work out together with you how to fit a sling you have already bought. Please be aware that as volunteers we will mostly have our own young children with us, so we kindly ask for your patience as we tend to our children’s needs through the often quite busy sessions.